Thanks to our long-standing experience in the transport services market (including international transport), a large number of contacts and companies we have cooperated with over the many years, we are in a position to quickly handle orders placed for Poland and many regions of Europe.


 Our forwarding division is made up of a team of experienced and dynamic people who strive to achieve their goals. We take quick decisions while being flexible, available and ready to cooperate. We treat each customer individually trying to meet their needs and expectations. As we are well aware that you entrust us with goods of high value, we ensure professional services, efficient communication and safe transport to the specified address. Our knowledge of foreign languages (English, French, German and Russian) allows us to handle international order professionally.  


We can assure you that Lipiński’s top-quality forwarders make up a team of professionals you may trust at every stage of cooperation.

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    Thanks to our long-standing experience in the transport services market (in…
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    Our Allegro
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