We transport goods on canvas trailers, curtain trailers, tank trucks, fridge trailers, tipper trucks, walking floor semitrailers, low-loading semitrailers and other vehicles.


Every service is tailor-made to satisfy customer expectations.

canvas trailer

- dimensions: 13.6m * 2.70m
- load capacity : 24 tonnes
- loading space : 85-90 m3
- loading…

fridge trailers

We specialise in the transport of fruit, food-stuffs, meat, etc.
- dimensions: 13.4m * 2.65m
- load capacity…

tank trucks

Transport of liquid and dry bulk goods all over Europe.

We have the following tank trucks:
Capacity -…

Tipper trucks

Tipper trucks

- dimensions: length 10.0m - 10.60m,

  width 2.44m, height 2.05m - 2.20m

- load capacity : 25 tonnes


Walking Floor®

Walking Floor Semitrailers®

- dimensions: length 13.6m,

  width 2.44m, height 2.60m - 2.70m

- load capacity : 24-25 tonnes

- capacity:…

additional services
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    Truck wash
    For trucks, we have a full service automatic wash.   It is designed to…
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    Filling station
    The filling station is located in Sierpc at 50 B Dworcowa Street. Our filli…
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    Our Allegro
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    IVECO Service
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    District Vehicle Control Station
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